Platinum Locators Review


This company is a complete scam. Please do not use their service. They rip you off, and take your money. And give you all types of excuses and reasons why they can’t get you money back. All of their listings are on Craigslist, or Westside Rentals. I think they are just contacting apartment from Craigslist telling them they would take a cut of the money and re posting them. I asked for a refund after the 90 days, they told me 5 to 10 business days. On to 10 business day I called and they told me I was sent a form in order to send back a copy of my lease. this should have been told to me when I came to the office initially to fill out the paperwork SCAMALERT 1, however because they are scam artist of course they try to delay giving me my money back. They sent me a form saying they would need a copy of my lease when I was in the office personally, and my phone number is listed on all of my information. They’re only answer to any question is “this is how the company works.” Which is complete bullshit. Whoever that Mexican girl is that talks all fast she was obviously hired so that they don’t have to deal with angry customers and customer service reps don’t get cursed out. She talks a hundred miles an hour just to get you off the phone and to confuse you. Working in customer service I know how that drill goes. Then she threaten me and kept telling me that’s their policy bullshit. You cannot contact anyone up there to get listings because they only allow you to fax a request. Who faxes these days? SCAMALERT 2 Who sits around a fax machine? Total ripoff. Then they fax you the listings instead of emailing them. They say they need a special request form to be faxed to them, however who faxes anymore? They make everything so inconvenient. Trust me every listing that they had was listed on Craigslist. That’s how they will get you if you end up finding another place to Craigslist that they have sent you they will try to say you found it through them. I was pissed and ready to take action. Place is a total total scam please do not use their service.why are we paying $180 to get Craigslist Ads? Why do you not use email service? Why do you only take cash? SCAMALERT 3 These are questions that a company should have the answers to being that it is 2014. THESE PEOPLE JUST FOUND ANOTHER LEGIT WAY TO SCAM PPL. SCAM SCAM SCAM SCAMARTISTS SCAMARTISTS SCAMARTISTS SCAMALERT SCAMALERT SCAMALERT .

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