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Complaint: A warranty was purchased from Platinum Warranty (aka Warranty Wizard) for our 2001 chevy truck in Apr 03. In June 03 we had a claim approved for $310 to replace a power window motor. The entire amt was paid out of pocket. By Feb 04, they said that a check would be mailed with in 45-60 days. No check was ever received. In July 04, a complaint was filed with te Ohio Attny General. We received a letter on March 2, 2005 from Jim Petro, Attorney General of OH. It stated that he had filed suit against Platinum Warranty Corporation. This is to let all interested parties know that May 23 was supposed to be the trial date. Please report matters involving this company to the Ohio Consumer Protection Section with the OH Attny Generals office on line at OR call (800)282-0515!!! I hope this company gets what it deserves! Good luck to all who’ve been in (or are still in) my shoes! Tiffany Lompoc, CaliforniaU.S.A.

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Address: 12600 Rockside Road, Suite 230 Cleveland, Ohio U.S.A.


Phone: 216-587-9990

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