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My non lives in a apertment owned by PLD about a year after he moved in the water nobs in his shower busted. The water then did not turn all the way off.. its was just a small trickel of water. He asked them to fix it and they said they would get to it. He asked them to fix it over and over for the next 3 years. It did not get fixed till the pont that the water rusted the drin pipe and water started to leak into the apertment under him.. That person gets State Houseing. So as soon as they asked for it to be fixed it got fixed… But it became clear that it was just to shut up the person on houseing… Bcouse they never came back to seal up the big hole they had to cut to get at the pipes. My son has mental health stuff that makes him kind of a messy person. NOw PLD is theating to kick him out beouse of dust and haveing “a messy room”” but there are people party under him all night with fighting and D.V and people passed out on drugs on the porch.. there was weed plants growing on the fire escape in view from the road. Also there are sex offenders liveing there also. They don’t care about anything as long as it don’t cost them money. Shes only makeing him clean becouse they have bed bugs and the guy will not spray unless he cleans. So she still had to pay him… He confrunted her about the broken stuff and she theated to kick him out if he did not clean… so he tells her to do her job and she then theatends to kick him out? there is other stuff woung but just look at the photos.”

augusta, Maine USA


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