Please approach these money hoggers with extreme caution!


I feel bad writing this post but I think it is my social responsibility to spread the truth about Dr Jessica Ohlemacher as so many people have been writing fake and pointless reviews about her practice on the internet. I am facing dozens of severe complications of endometriosis. It has been a genetic problem in my family and even my grandmother faced these issues. I went to Dr Jessica Ohlemacherís clinic because it has some really great reviews on the internet and it really makes you think that they are the best. I donít know if only Dr Jessica is incompetent or her whole team is, but I strongly believe that the reviews about her facility are totally false. These reviews state that she is great at communication and the patient does not feel any sort of discomfort at all, however, with my first-hand experience, I can totally say that these statements are BULLSHIT. I took every medicine that she prescribed me, I went through multiple surgeries which she suggested as well. My treatment was not covered by insurance for some reason and I was paying for it all in cash. I was having money problems soon after I started the treatment as it was quite expensive. I told the billing lady that I will need some time to arrange the money for a surgery that Dr Ohlemacher suggested and she told me, ďIf you are having financial issues, I can help you by giving you a significant discountĒ. The light of hope sparked in me once again, I did not know that they can give me a discount. I went home laid down on the floor in happiness. I thought, for once something was going alright in my life. I called Dr Ohlemacherís clinic the next day, the day after that however I got no response. I tried to contact them multiple times during the course of the next 3 months, but no one responded. I cried and even thought about ending myself, if she could not give me the discount, then why did she even mention it. I never got any explanation from them. Moreover, they have done nothing to improve my condition, I still suffer from the same complications and pain that I used to go through. Dr Ohlemacher took thousands of dollars from me and provided me with nothing but pain and suffering. I just want people to understand the harsh reality of the world and be aware of their doctors. I think that my life would have been a whole lot different if I went to a different OBGYN instead of Dr Ohlemacher. I would strongly advise you to go someplace else and avoid them if you can. If you are already a patient of Jessica then I beg you to start looking for other OBGYNs in your area, she is not safe! I hope that you learn something valuable from my experience and donít make the same mistakes that I made ?

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