PLG Capital Funding Group LLC Review


PLG approved me for a constrution loan for a condo project they told me it was approved my down payment was $500K with a procssing fee of $50k i wired the money into thier account after they sent me a deniel letter but said that they used half the money to give into a holding company and they are not responsable for it ( if they knew i was not approved why did they give it to them?) holding company Missouri holding company PLG told me they will keep the procssing fee and return 250K back to me, they did but now seller pulled out and lost the escrow money as well 180K and to this day they still have the other 250K for the last two years Roy keep making me promises that he will retun the money soon has given me emails stating that the funds are arriving form the bank soon and then another email now from a diffrentt bank all BS. | now its been two months with no contact | beware.


  • Name: PLG Capital Funding Group LLC
  • Country: United States
  • State: Michigan
  • City: Livonia
  • Address: 17199 N Laurel Park Dr #105
  • Phone: 877-552-4869
  • Website:

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