PMBC Group Review


Deceit comes in many forms and the snake oil salesman sold me on the idea of his service. I thoroughly believed I was working with a company that understood “word is bond”. The only thing bonding now is our contract and they’re holding onto it tighter than Ruth held onto Jack’s hand on the Titanic. I was hoping they would let go, but they rather bring a corpse onto a lifeboat than doing what’s best. Here is my story to shed light on why I disapprove of this firm: | We needed a Public Relations firm to handle our outreach as we were prepared to begin scaling. Good marketing isn’t just getting “a number” of members, but it’s primarily how we are perceived as a company. In that aspect, business is about representing yourself as a collective individual. It’s important to make an impactful first impression and I believe the wiser choice is to invest into people rather than ideas. | The idea of imputing a sense of personification for a business is something any Public Relations firm understands and generally any qualifying PR campaign will be backed by employees’ with equitable skill. | But F****** PMBC sold us on an idea, not their people. That is an error I’ll take upon myself and take as a business lesson. Now I have dealt with more f***aroo with their attorneys rather than the actual publicists on staff. If only these gold digging whores had the same effort to creating more viral media for my company than dearly clenching onto my bank account. | So now that I’ve cancelled our agreement, they’ve pulled out the contract. It’s as if I am witnessing a child cry as loud as possible and hoping someone would validate their near sociopathic selfish tendencies. Personally, I have the sympathetic capacity to keep interactions rational and pleasant. There’s consequences in trying to rationalize with the irrational and I am now paddling across the grueling abysmal waters of litigation. I’ve received multiple threats and been bombarded with caustic comments against my personal image. It doesn’t stop there; a PMBC executive claimed that he would publicly slander and defame the company I started. As an entrepreneur and a reasonable human being, blackmail is never taken lightly. | I’ve learned something from all of this though. As cliche as it sounds, I’ve come to understand how life is a game of chess. He’s throwing all his pieces at me, and hoping I would resign rather than continue to play. Little does he know how much patience pays off, and I am capable of waiting for the perfect moment to strike. When he desires to swipe the board clean than actually continue with his bluff, that is when I will lecture him about the pettiness of a man child’s belief in pride over praxis. I relish these moments for it feels like the universe is finally paying attention to the cruelty of injustice. | Things aren’t black and white like a chess board. Rather we’re merely coaches for how we dictate our moves. There isn’t a right and wrong, but only what is the best move to make. The all or nothing approach and soon he’ll learn that he made a terrible move.


  • Name: PMBC Group
  • Country: United States
  • State: California
  • City: Beverly Hills
  • Address: 345 N. Maple Dr., Suite 105
  • Phone: 310-777-7546
  • Website:

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