Polina Zorina Winnipeg Manitoba


Complaint: Elena was planning to come and visit me in Canada. She told me she had obtained a visa but after the cost of obtaining the vise she was a little short on fund could I send her the balance. I sent her 43210.62 rubles. She then stated that when she was passing thru the final checks at the airport she was told that she needed solvency funds to complete her trip. I was going to send the money and had already arranged the transfer when western union cancelled the transfer. Previously I had asked her why her pictures were all over the internet as a scammer. She told me a former boy friend had been unfaithful to her and he had sent many pictures of her with notification that she was a scammer… Winnipeg Manitoba Canada Warren

Tags: Police

Address: Internet USA

Website: Elena russgmail.ru

Phone: 78332514656

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