Popeyes Chicken Schaumburg Illinois


Complaint: I visited Popeyes Chicken on Thursday, December 27, 2007. I purchased two Triple-Play boxes of fried chicken. I headed to my home to dine with my family. We began eating some pieces of chicken, and we noticed that the chicken was not thouroughly cooked. It was bloody. I called Popeyes chicken to speak with a manager that I was familiar with, and he identified himself. He knew me, because he remebers me visiting the restaurant frequently this month, and in the past. I told him that I am bringing back the undercooked chicken, He said that is fine. I arrived at the Popeyes Chicken around 4:30 p.m. Eric was not coming to the front of the store. He was hiding. I asked for the Manager. I was approached by Mireya, Manager. I told her about the chicken not being thorougly cooked. she looked in the bag. I told her that we were in drive-thru lane. The female Mexican was at the drive-thru window. She was at the front register ringing up customers. I asked her do you remember me? She told me “No””. I stated to her let me go

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Address: and get my husband out side in our vehicle. He asked her you do not remember us. She denided waiting on us. Mireya said

Website: and she stated

Phone: “”You did not purchase this chicken from this store.”” I replied. “” Well why am I here upset about the undercooked chicken.”” “”My kids can get sick from eating this undercoked chicken

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