portfolio recovery associates loxley Alabama Review


Portfolio Recovery Associates is a debt collecion agency. This company has called my home phone number almost every single day for many, many months and even though I have written them two letters asking them to stop calling, they continue to call. I even filed two complaints with the Do Not Call Registry. I am unemployed and cannot pay whatever debt it is that this company is calling about and in fact, I have no idea what they are calling about. They won’t tell me why they are calling, all they say is, “It is about a debt””. Well no kidding. Can you be any more vague? I’m sure the phone calls are computer generated because they come in so frequently but as I stated above

I wrote two letters to this company asking them to remove my number from the system. No matter how many times they continue to call it won’t make me want to send them money. Thankfullly my phone has a call block feature and the phone only rings once when blocked calls come in. I can still see who’s calling though. Collection agencies serve a purpose and I have no problem with that but I DO have a problem when I ask nicely to stop calling me and they don’t.”

120 Corporate Boulevard Norfolk, VA 23502 norfolk, Virginia USA



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