Positive Property Review


His was the worst rental experience that I’ve had. The lack of professionalism from each employee, from the front desk workers, to Melinda, the owner, is ridiculous. The lack of timely repairs was absurd, and the lies that we had to wade through were uncalled for. We have moved frequently because of my husband’s job and have had many wonderful rental experiences and have been excellent tenants, as proven by the feedback from our landlords, however this was a nightmare. | We read negative reviews on google before renting, and because of that, we almost withdrew our application, but because we liked the property, we decided to chance it. Be clear: while the property was nice (because the owners handed it over to PP in good condition), the rental experience was miserable. Do not be fooled by a nice property–PP has not gotten their hands on it yet. | Before we even rented, Lana lied to us about the cost of the property and raised it $25 per month after we had put down a deposit. The key that PP made for themselves didn’t work, so for two years, we had to meet maintenance crews at the house for work. They said they would come get a key from us to make a copy, but never did. When they needed a key to get into the house to show it, they threatened to change the locks and lock us out of the house. Each time we needed a repair, we called on average 3 times before anything was done–and we waited weeks in between calling. | We called about an HVAC issue months before anyone came out to fix it, and when they finally did, the issue was not resolved, and they refused to send more work crews out because we were getting ready to move out. | We waited five months for one maintenance issue to be resolved, and each time I called I heard about how overwhelmed they were with maintenance. Once, the front desk worker yelled at me that since the issue wasn’t an emergency, we were just going to have to be patient (5 months?). No one, from Molly, to Marcia, to Melinda can manage to speak to anyone on the phone with any sort of professionalism. | Upon move-out, we did not receive an inspection report until we requested one. When we questioned charges, Melinda told us various stories until I uncovered each of them as a lie. None of the repairs were made that she originally said were made. She lied about making contact with the owner of the property, the buyer of the property, and several maintenance crews–so they amount she charged was completely arbitrary and did not match up with the costs of any repairs that she claimed were necessary according to the professionals that I spoke with (and that she claimed to have spoken with). | The bottom line is that clearly, PP pleases property owners, but not renters–if you are a renter, you are at their mercy, and they have no inclination to treat you with any sort of respect or professionalism. Look elsewhere for your rental needs.


  • Name: Positive Property
  • Country: United States
  • State: Kentucky
  • City: Lexington
  • Address: 853 Lane Allen Rd
  • Phone: 859-260-1688
  • Website: www.positiveproperty.com/

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