Potlatch Resort Complaint


Advance resorts of america potlatch resort laconner washingtom, At first look everything seemed good. Outdoor park tidy although seemed to have many puddles of water around campsites. The recreation room and showers are terrible. There is no handicap access to the weight room that I could find, the swim pool downstairs was nice, there are two hot tubs. The showers and the entry to the pool are horrible. The vinyl matt on the floor is filthy. I stayed one week and never saw a janitor team. Each morning a front desk personal quickly attempted to clean the place but it was just not getting done. The employees seemed more concerned with their own personal tasks then with customer service. I mostly saw them sitting in front of a computer screen or reading a book. The maintance personal spent most of the time tinkering with small gas powered engines then with maintaining the spa. During our stay the hot tubs lost heat twice. The pool and spa closed down unexpectingly and then two nights later the place opened up at midnight for a loud private party that campers could not attend. Who ever is in charge of this place should travel up there and clean house. By the way they are generally way over priced for the few services they provide. Not a happy camper, this place needs help.

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