Pour Wine Brookhaven Review


I am a small business owner and Jonathan McCall (owner of Pour) ordered tabletops from me. We shipped them prior to his payment clearing our bank only to have payment declined… back in August. We’ve been trying, without success, to work this out for 3 months for a $655 invoice. It’s not going to bankrupt us but, we’re a small company. This literally takes food of my children’s plates and will mean for a lean holiday season… very sad. | Order shipped to the following address: | Jonathan McCall | LM Imports LLC dba Pour | 2607 Green Meadows Lane NE | Atlanta, GA 30319 | We later found out that this isn’t even a business address and wonder. What address is it? Who knows? | We contact him by phone and email several times. He said he was out of the country (see his message below) and would take care of it when he returns… | His message: | “I will call Monday morning with a credit card number. The payment deducted from our account and then went back in 2 days later for some reason. I wanted to do credit card in the first place, checking account ach isn’t always smooth for some reason. I have been out of the country on business since Tuesday.” | …No call on Monday… No reply to our calls or emails… We reached out to the manager Daniel Campbell who said he would take care of it ASAP… Nothing. | Called several more times with no acknowledgment. Called from a different phone number and call was picked up immediately (screening phone calls?). They thanked us for calling and said they were heading to the post office that afternoon to send a cashier’s check and need to verify our address. Gave it to them but never received payment (what a surprise). | Spoke with Daniel again a week later to tell him payment was never received and he told me he couldn’t help me and that I needed to speak with Jonathan… Jonathon still doesn’t return phone calls or emails after many more attempts. | Mind you, we were never told the product wasn’t received (we have proof of delivery) or that there was an issue with the product… In fact, we were told they received everything and there were no issues. | Pour (or whatever name they are going by now), Jonathon McCall and Daniel Campbelll.. Maybe they are great people… hasn’t been my experience but, who knows. | Daniel seems to have a good excuse for every bad posting the company has here on Yelp but rather than addressing this issue head-on and trying to work it out, they reported me to Yelp for making an improper post because I’m not a csutomer.Would LOVE to have a response from them here.


  • Name: Pour Wine Brookhaven
  • Country: United States
  • State: Georgia
  • City: ATLANTA
  • Address: 1418 DRESDEN DRIVE
  • Phone: 404.254.5277
  • Website: www.pourwinebrookhaven.com/

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