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American Soldier I am a military service member who will be pcsing from my duty location. Power Home Technologies does not offer the relief act to us unless we are selling our property. They will not honor the relief act if you will be renting the property out to another. This forces you to pay for a service that the renter may not want. This will then be a service that I myself will not be using but will be paying for. It will then force me to raise the cost of rent to cover the charges. Doing this is improper, seeing as this service is a personal service. All the codes for my alarm are personal as well as account information. If the alarm goes of, someone will come over the PA system and ask a serious of security questions that only the owner or account holder will know. This service is a rip off for any person that is owning or renting a home that may have to move from tjeir location. But really affects us military member. I have had the service for three years and they want to charge a 80% buy out of the contract of 5 years. This to me seems like a way for the buisness to make money off a defenseless pocket of society. .

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