Praise Remodeling Review


This was by far one of the biggest mistakes ive evr made. Randy Collins is c complete scammer he took on my project them convienantly left town for 2 weeks. i collect my money and never oversaw the work but the first and third day then never showed up again. i had to call at least a dozen time to see why no work was being completed. he was alwasys avasive and only responded by email after a fewe coverstaions he subs out all of his work and then never pays the workers for the job and sticks it woth the homeowner. he quoted me 2 weeks for a simple job now it is working its way into a month with no end near in sight. i now have to get the basement project completed myself. Steer clear of this dude and his PRAISE Remodeling Name only a cheap trick to lure Christian men and women to opening thier checkbooks for him to dash out. .

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