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In June 2011, Inreceived a call on my cell phone telling me that the travel package I hadnbought and paid for in April of 2008 was about to expire but that I could getnadditional travel packages (4/5 cruise to the Bahamas (port fee not included) +n4/5 trip to Costa Rica (airfare not included) + 4/5 trip to Cancun (airfare notnincluded) for up to 6 adults and unlimited children under the age of 6) for annadditional $198.00. I was told a Quality Assurance agent would be calling menback to verify all the info I was given and confirm that I was purchasing thenpackage for the 198.00. He called an hour later and reiterated everything I wasntold so I agree to be charged on my credit card. nSince I did not have vacation time until my one year anniversary at my job, Indid not book the vacation immediately. Unfortunately, I got laid off on Augustn1st of 2011 so, I called back to cancel and was told that the 30 days gracenperiod for a cancellation had now turned into 10 business days and that was whynI could not get a refund. I checked the invoice I was sent and the date on theninvoice was 07/13/2011 which means I had missed the deadline by just a fewndays. I decided I could always take the vacation now that I was un-employed andnhad the time. In May 2012, I called to book one of the packages (the trip to Orlando) I wasntold I could not take 5 adults. When I argued that I was told I could take upnto 6 adults, they told me I had misunderstood. I checked the paperwork I had receivednand their website ( and both stated that I could travelnwith up to 6 adults. I called them back and was given double-speak but notnallowed to travel with more than 4 adults, according to them the occupationalnlaws did not allow more than 4 adults per room. I looked it up and found thatnit was true so I decided to rearrange my plans to travel with one 4 adults. nOn June 25, 2012, I called to book my Orlando vacation with 3 adults and onenminor child. I was told that the call was being recorded and was askednquestions like “Was I single

was mu household income $55


had I beennpreviously married and other questions which I answered truthfully. I amndivorced and my daughter and her fianc live with me and between the two of thenthey make over $55

000 so that was the income that could be considered then””household income”” since it goes into my bank accounts and all thenhousehold bills are paid from that. I was also told that I needed to pay $15.00nper day for hotel taxes and was asked to provide a valid credit card

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