Premier Cancun vacation Benito Juarez Jasper Alberta Review


Last quarter of the year 2016. Someone offered me a vacation package that has as per them the biggest discount. I just listened with all the details. And then they ask me to speak with legal agent that will set the package. As this guy started to talk he said that everything will be recorded for both parties safety. All along I thought that this wont charge me any single cent. When the guy asked me permission to charge the package amount on my credit card I immediately said No. He even repeat it that I am not authorizing them to charge my credit card. So I said I am not authorizing you to charge me with that amount and closed the conversation. Now, present time injust check my account just to be shocked when i found out that last January 23rd the Premier Cancun Vacation already charged me with the amount 800US$ package without my permission. This travel agency are forcing people to acquire their vacation package illegally. I want them to cancel my charges asap because I dont have plan to have vacation with them.

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