Premier Cancun Vacations Rowland Heights California Review


This complaint is the same as Report Number #510502, 637072, 666423 for Premier Cancun Vacationing.This company initially called you saying that you have been selected to received $2600 credit on your next vacation. Then it prompted you to their sales department where they pitched to you that for $798, you will get both an all inclusive 6 days 5 nights Cancun vacation and a 5 day 4 nights Orlando vacation. however I did not want to pay that much for the vacation so I told them I am not interested. Then they were like, we can reduce the price to $350 if you opt out the Orlando vacation. I asked the sales guy that would the cancun vacation still be all inclusive and he said yes. So then I agreed to it, then they sent me to the affirmation department. I told him that I want to set up a payment plan for this and then the guy told me that if I pay it all at once, he will throw in the Orland vacation for free. I agreed to it. When I got my package, it turns out that it is not an all inclusive deal, so then I called the company back and they said that since I agreed on tape on all the condition, they cannot refund my money. They selectively record what they choose for legality purpose and intentionally scam people to buy their packages. They only record the part when you agreed to their terms and condition but did not record the sales pitch and everything. I even called the company and told them their sales department and affirmation department to communicate. I even asked to speak to their boss in which they refused to even let me talk to them.I am sure this happens to many people. Again, like complaint #666423, if anyone is interested in setting up a class action lawsuit against this company, please contact me to prevent this from happening to anymore people.If this happens to you, please contact me so we can fight for our rights and prevent this company from making anymore business and scamming more people. If I get what I was pitch to, I would have no problem with the package but if I were told that this was an all inclusive package and then found out it wasn’t, this is what pissed me off.

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