Premier Ford Lincoln Service & Parts Review


I Dropped off my car on 3/17/17 and was told I would received my car on 3/20/17. I came to have the heated/cool seats repaired (which was still under warranty) they suggested I also get a 50,000 miles oil change since I just hit the 50,000 mark which included inspection of tires and suspension rather than a normal oil change which I agreed too (a more expensive option). | My car wasn’t ready which was much of a big deal; however, I called the service department daily from 3/20-3/25 and was told different things daily in regards to my car. I was told either “It will Be ready today we just got the parts”, “were fixing it as we speak” or “we’ll call you right back”. The car wasn’t ready either day nor did I receive a call back. I didn’t receive my car until on 3/27/17. After I called and express my frustration, where it was finally admitted to me the parts where finally coming in that (3/37/17) and it would be only a 20 min job. | I was called about 1.5 hrs. Later to pick up my car. Initially when given a quote over the phone I was told the complete total was roughly $800, I was told to confirm the repairs with the last 4 digits of my social security number which was done; upon picking up my car I was now told the total was roughly over a $1000. When asked about this issue I received no rational explanation, when I tried to find some understanding and dispute the matter I was “told I’m not arguing with you”. | When my car was received there was a low tire pressure alert signaling on the car. In regard to the low tire press before leaving the dealership I expressed this issue and was told to drive the car about 1 mile and the issue would go away if not to call Back. I called back as soon an I got home a number of times, but was constantly put on hold, or sent to voicemail. Upon inspection of my car I noticed the rear passenger side tire was slight deflated. Since my calls weren’t returned or answered I headed back to the dealership | Also upon inspection of the tires and my car as a whole there were scratches on both of the car. Once I immediately returned I asked for the deflated tire to be inspected, which was shown to me, and I had tired rot on that tire. I asked how could something like this go unnoticed if the tires were inspected and rotated which I was told by the manager “thatís what I would like to know”. The manager spoke to the mechanic who worked on the car and then claimed he called the union to make a complaint; however he only spoke to him and never even picked up a phone. I was told a need 4 new tires (which of course they suggested the most expensive tires). Although I was worried about my safety due to the condition of my tires I declined to have them changed there due to the negligence and not being trustworthy. I rather spend my money elsewhere. By not properly inspecting my tires, but indicating on the repair forms everything was ok my safety and life was put in danger due to their negligence and irresponsibly. Luckily I went back to have the tired inspected to find out its true condition. | In regards to the scratches I ask them to provide their copy of the car inspection form of my car when the car was first brought in, which they wouldn’t comply. I was told to go home and bring back my copy. While heading back home for the 2nd time I called Lincoln customer service to file a complaint, which they called the dealership and customer service asked me to return back to have the issue fixed. Upon my arrival they magically found their copy wish leaves me to think that they sent me home probably hoping I wouldn’t return, or couldn’t find my copy. | They finally admitted that the Lift may have caused some of the scratches on one side, but denied the other scratches although the inspect slip showed no damage previously on the car in those spots. A weak attempt was made with a moist cloth to buff out the scratches, which barely did anything. I’ve been coming to this dealership since my purchase of the car in 2013 and the quality has been declining each visit; however this visit (my last and final visit) was one of if not the worst customer service experience Iíve ever had. I feel cheated and disrespected.


  • Name: Premier Ford Lincoln Service & Parts
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Brooklyn
  • Address: 1072 E 49th St
  • Phone: 718-859-5200
  • Website:

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