Premier Kia of Kenner Review


I purchased my Kia Sportage Jeep 2005 on 8/25/2016. On Septemeber 20, 2016, I went in to get a diagnostics at Premier Kia. I had a 2005 Kia Sportage Jeep. They said they would charg me $120 if I did not get anything fix or it would go towards what I will service. I was checking on my air conditioner mainly. Jason “Snapper” Pesses was my advisor. I went in later to pickup the car on 9/20/2016. When i got the car, I got down about 2 miles and my car start running extremely hot, then cut off. It started back up so I drove it close as I could to get it back to the dealership. I had to push it off the road and call the towing. When i left my vehicle with them it was running just fine. After almost a week, they claim it was my starter. Well, I told them go ahead and fix air and starter because they had charged me the $120 but I wasn’t going to have any work done. Since this, I wanted to just get it all done. | Well my car was not ready til the 29th. Not only did they promise me the 26th that everything would be fixed and ready, they lied and the parts were not even there by the 26th of September which was a Monday. Jason turns around and says I thought the part would be on Saturday and car ready for Monday. Well it was Tuesday. My car was not ready so I only wanted the starter fixed because of the lie and I would have to wait. The car was ready on Thursday the 29th and he promised initially Monday. On September 29th when I attempt to pickup the jeep, I drove off after paying for the starter and it broke down on me again. I had to have it towed the 2nd time. Now I am finding out, because my car is gone, that a head gasket blown. From the 29th of September which was the Thursday, my car stayed there until October 11th. They kept it because they had replaced the starter yet it would still not run properly. They should be held accountable for not replacing the head gasket which is why the starter had burned out. I also know they kept trying to start it on the 20th, that Tuesday when I first had to have it towed to them because it was dropped off by night drop by the towing company. Trying to start a car which is hot and is giving you the click sound lets you know it is gone or something may have caused it. I began speaking to Ray the Service Manager during the whole time it was there from the 29th of September all the way til October 11th. I wanted him to refund me the money for the starter because they are the ones who blew the head gasket, kept trying to start it, then burned out my starter. Now I have no car. Ray tried to push it back to the responsibility that I bought a bad car from the private dealer, Christian Brothers of Kenner, LA located on Williams Boulevard. This car is gone and hasn’t lasted for 2 months, before I can even pay for title, tax, & license. Ripped Off!!


  • Name: Premier Kia of Kenner
  • Country: United States
  • State: Louisiana
  • City: Kenner
  • Address: 2712 Veterans Memorial Blvd
  • Phone: 504-620-0000
  • Website:

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