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I have a friend in facebook and she works in cancun as tour guide, I thought she will just be friend me, but later she try to call me. one time she told me that I should take a vacation to their place to see her, so she transferred me to their manager Ms. Andrea Savanna Ramirez who said will help me to get a good deal in going vacation to cancun mexico. Then they try to get my credit informations and they said its only for information purposes and to prove that i have a real creadit card. Then boom i checked my credit account and they charged me the whole amount. its 853 cad dollars. Andrea Savannah Ramirez the manager of the said agency said that there was a miscommunication about their officers that confirms my credit account and her that is why this transaction happened. I knew out there that they are ripping me off. but because the one who refer me with this andrea savannah ramirez is my friend i kinda hold back until 3 days later they charged me again another 200 bucks without any authorization i have given them. this manager andrea savanna ramirez said that her associate mistakenly charged me with a second package. wow what a ripped off. This company cancuneasyvacation is a complete fraud and stealers. Give back my money! i will file a dispute in my bank if you guys dont bring my money back.

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