premium air solutions Cleveland Ohio Review


TOTAL RIPOFF- paid $49 with groupon, they charge $89 for each additional main duct and by their math you will have 3 additional ducts in your standard house. 3 guys get done so fast i would be SHOCKED if they did what they said they will. You can’t be in 3 places at once and they know that. then it’s $20 per hole they need to cut to do each main duct. The process is they run a skinny brush through once and then a small vacuum hose through once. ITS A JOKE. the brush can’t possibly get much once through as it’s skinny etc. The vacuum is no stronger than my house vacuum. It would need to dust from 12″ away as it’s only 1 1/2″” wide. The whole thing is silly. I have 50 year old house and we did a lot of construction

thought this would be a good idea. Almost nothing in my ducts

I checked the one once the hole was added before did anything

just a bumpy film

nothing that this SCAM of a process it going to get/fix. I also was stuffy since winter and thought this might help dust allergy

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