Pressico Review


I responded to an add on craigslist to work for a company called “nugg” as a digital marketer. | A few weeks later I heard back from someone named Alex asking me to answer a prompt about a piece of content and how I would go about ciruclating it. I submitted my response with no answer back from them for weeks. | On or around May of 2018, Ji guo got in touch with me via email asking if I was still interested in the position. I said yes and I immediately hopped on a phone call to speak to him. I saw online from a quick google that he went to Yale, helped raise polymath 100 million dollars, among other accomplishments. | Ji Hired me and presented me with a contract promising me 5% of each ICO (initial coin offering) launch I work on. He promised me 5% of a 75% fundraise which he promised would be delivered in the coming weeks. Ji promised me a lot, and put me on two other ICO projects, he outsrouced his clients to me; I even quit my real full time job to devote all of my time working for this mysterisou entitiy, thinking that what he promised would actually happen. Was I mistaken! | about three weeks in after quitting my job, I came to realize that non of what Ji was doing was real, and in addition he was ripping off his own clients. Meaning, his clients were telling me in confidance that they paid Ji 100,000 dollars for marketing services, and that nothing was being delivered from that budget. Which made me wonder why isn’t Ji allocating any of this budget to deliver what his clients need? IN addition, there is plenty of money in that budget to pay his designers and project managers such as me. | It became apparent that Ji was pocketing all of the money his clients were giving him, he was hiring people from the internet to carry out these launches for free, and since the marketing was sub par work given there was no paid integration, the fund raise didn’t actually happen, leaving me broke, without a job, and Ji is off in Puerto Rico living off of his clients money while all other sides try to make sense of what he is doing. | I approached Ji asking him to settle the balance for work done and completed, that he can keep the 5% of his bogus fund raise amount, and that I thought 1000 dollars payment for work done, delivered, and billable hours completed was more than fair. He then told me he wanted to put it in an escrow account to which I declined saying that I had bills to pay, and that other people on the team were complainging about him and his lack of transparency regarding payment. | He sent me the 1000 dolars over paypal. but a frew days later, he opened a case with paypal asking for a refund for “items not received” now my account is -1000. I am actually worst off now than I was before asking him for compensation. | This person hired me without paying me, allured me into quitting my job for promises of big commissions, then he ended up literally robbing me of 1000 dollars. I intend to file further legal action to further investigate Ji Guo’s business dealings. This person is a scammer!


  • Name: Pressico
  • Country: Puerto Rico
  • State:
  • City: San Juan
  • Address: 2305 Calle Laurel
  • Phone:
  • Website:

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