Prestige Portraits Review


The photo packages you offer clearly are intended to maximize your profits & are not designed to be consumer friendly or of good value. All 8 packages you offer for my son’s graduation from Conestoga High School in PA include at least one or more 8″x10″ photos. I know I am not alone in saying that this size is too large for a single headshot & quite unappealing. What a waste! Yes, I do know you can order individual photos, but at a significantly higher price. And if this wasn’t bad enough, most of your packages also include a non-standard size; 4″x5″ instead of 4″x6″. Which I am sure you are aware, would require custom framing! You really have your customers over a barrel on this one. Which I feel is a very unpleasant way to do business. I know nothing can be done to change things for our graduating class of 2020, but I certainly hope whoever is reading my comments will forward them to the appropriate corporate departments (sales, marketing, etc). A very dissatisfied customer. Sari S. Shanken

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