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How horrendous of an experience has this been? I can’t begin to tell you. Presti’s is awful. Our grandmother passed away 3 years ago this month – and aside from the times that Presti’s came to “clean out” both houses, which from here on in I’ll refer to as “stealing”, we’ve barely heard from them. We were told that we would receive money after the items sold, and have heard nothing. No one here can give you answers. No one can give you a report that shows what was taken and what has sold/what it sold for. There is seemingly no record keeping. This was 2 homes full of furniture, not just everyday furniture. Extra furniture. Dressers and chests of draws that were purchased as extras. Some of the rooms in the houses had 3 dressers alone in them. These people will be nice and cooperative up front, until they steal your stuff. Then they won’t cooperate at all. If you’re looking an estate service run run run screaming from these people. You’ll never see or hear from them again, and they service areas far far away from their main offices in Glen Wild NY. They’re crooks. Above was my original YELP review which caused the owner to reach out to me. After 1 email he has ignored 3 responses over three weeks, and I have updated my yelp review. I was hopeful after being contacted on here by Ken Presti that our issue could be worked out. I have sent him 3 emails now, each a week apart, to an email address that he previously used to communicate with me on. No reply. Nothing. Presti’s/NY-NJ Estate & Auction Services-www.njestateser… has again gone silent. 2 entire houses worth of stuff, gone. Paid them $1500 per house to clean out, never saw a dime back for anything that was auctioned. And these houses were full of furniture. It’s worth noting a few items as well: They seem to be rebranding their operation as NY-NJ Estate & Auction Services using the and are no longer using the name Presti’s. Why? Why are they running from a name and established brand? Make no mistake, NY-NJ Estate & Auction Services and are run by Ken Presti – the same guy who was in charge or (or still is) Presti’s Auction Services. So if you’re considering any business listed as NY-NJ Estate & Auction Services, or Presti’s STAY AWAY. Please be sure when you are here on YELP to look at the “Not Recommended” reviews for this business. These reviews don’t show up on the front page because the people who posted them don’t frequent YELP enough, but you can see that multiple people have been taken advantage of by this business. .

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