Pretends to be from JP Morgan Bank


Refuses to deposit loan after collateral was paid


My Complaint: I was contacted by Jason Clark who claimed that he was a loan manager for JP Morgan Bank and I was pre-qualified for a loan between 2-10 thousand dollars. I was looking for a $3,000 loan to pay rent and bills. He said I was able to get what I needed but had to show his accounting department %10 collateral. He told me that I had to show it by a greendot money pack because according to the FDIC they were not allowed to look or deduct any moneys from my account. When I presented the 10% I was then informed that I would need 20%. When I was able to finally put up the 20% (I had to sell a lot of my stuff to get it) They would no longer answer my phone calls.

Names used: Jason Clark, Mark Watson
Phone number used: 716-616-9724


My Demand: All Money returned

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