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Manuel Gonzalez, DWP, called and spoke with my nice and he told her that they found a problem with the meter and they need to fix it. It shows that we did not pay for 5 months even though we have automatic payment, therefore, we have to go to Walgreen, seven-eleven, and they mention many more places where we can get a money pack for $500 + $5 for the card. I called back and they transfer me to the “Manager” Luisa Rosario Quintana (559)-800-8346 ext. 26. She asked me to call her back when I get the money pack card because the card has a # that I have to give it to her so they can reimburse me the money and send the technician to fix the meter if we don’t do it in 48 hrs they will discontinue the electricity service. I called the LA DWP and spoke with a representative who informed me that they don’t ask for money or any kind of cards. He confirmed that we were been scammed. They asked me my cell phone and I gave it to them.. I demand I just want to make a report. I don’t recommend them

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