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Dorothy Webb is very erratic with her emotions when dealing with people, swearing and screaming on the phone , changing her story, and not listening very good. I sold her a puppy whose papers were slightly delayed through the AKC and she accused me of everything under the sun, and even threatened me with the FBI, criminal justice department, etc. The puppy she bought from me is going to be used for breeding,(the dog she said had no papers), by the way he is fully registered. After selling her the puppy she informed me she only keeps her dogs until they can no longer breed and then gets rid of them, i think that is shameful , what a cash cow. I NEVER WOULD HAVE SOLD HER THIS PUPPY knowing that, just because the dog cant make you any more money, doesnt mean it is right or time to get rid of them…After doing further research on Dorothy Webb she used to sell shih tzus, Where are all of those dogs now? One of the many DEFINITIONS OF A PUPPY MILL: A place where dogs are kept exclusively for breeding, and once the dogs can no longer breed and earn a profit, they are disposed of and replaced. Do not buy from this breeder!! It seems all Dorothy Webb is trying to do is make a quick buck at the expense of our furry family members. Please do your research and ask question when buying or selling a puppy you can even ask for references. Sincerely, Michelle H****** Tipping Point Farm

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