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If you plan on buying on then think again! Ive been buying on priceline for years but now they have become a very deceptive and cheater company. I recently booked air travel +car via bidding and they accepted the price. When I checked my Itinerary they only booked me for the flight and not the rental car but charged me full price for both. Theres no disputing this as the call goes straight to India, thats where they outsource all their customer service agents who are never able to resolve any issue what so ever. Since my credit card was through priceline as well I couldnt dispute this charge as well. nPriceline is a bully company, they lie and cheat their customers regularly and then throw your over to their outsourced and underpaid CSR agents in India who are unhelpful in pretty much any issue.nThis company also offers Credit Cards as Priceline Credit Cards with bogus rewards/points which by the way are only good on their website to purchase tickets/hotels from them. nIve had enough with priceline, Im never buying any tickets from them ever again and I advise everyone to do the same and by no means please dont EVER signup for their credit card. All your personal info will be sold to third parties, you will be marketed like cattle stock and you will be bombarded with an endless supply of junkmail and spam!

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