Maryland Review


I used Priceline using the Name Your Price tool. It kept denying my bids. I had to increase bid, choose new areas, & finally had to lower the star rating. I would only increase it little as necessary, hoping to get a good buy & big discount, as the site advertises. Finally, it gave me a deal and charged me. I never had to make so many changes to get an offer before. Because I finally got a “deal””

at first I was happy and couldn’t wait to see where. Never had problems in past with them. Things have changed for the worst. Priceline gave me a 2 star room at $53.00 a night. I used Priceline in past (used to be good but evidentally went way downhill to the point of bad business practices)

& when deal would pop up

it would say “”You saved [so much] percent!”” Well

that didn’t even come up. Apparently even they knew there weren’t any savings! The regular list price (where you can book

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