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P has a policy that stated that if you do not arrive on your check-in date your reservation will be forfeited. However, they do not state that they will keepevery dime that you prepaid for a room or rooms. I booked 2 rooms for 6 nights a piece at a hotel in New Orleans for business. My work got postponed the day I was to travel to New Orleans through no fault of my own. I called the hotel, Sheraton, and explained my situation and they said someone would get back to me. Noone ever returned my call. Priceline now says that I was a No-Show ansd therefore forfeit my reservation and the $1266.00 that I prepaid to them. A cancellation fee is understandable but not the full amount. The hotel knew we werent coming and could therefore resell those rooms. I cannot believe that it is legal for a company to charge you for a service that you never used and still keep your money. I will never use Priceline again and because the Sheraton wouldn’t even call me back I will also avoid all Sheraton and other Starwood Hotels. I am a small business owner and I feel I was ripped off by Pricelie and disrespected by Sheraton. If I charged my customers for work that I never did I would be out of business.

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