Priceline Longmont Colorado Review


We used Priceline’s Name Your Own Price and half way through the ‘negotiating’ process it changed my departure date to the next day, plus our flight will not arrive until late that evening. When I contacted Priceline about their mistake they told me they were unable to fix it, then came back and said they could for a $200 per ticket fee that would be refunded only if I re-purchased my flight through their name your own price option and then if I did get another flight approved (this is not guaranteed) there would be another charge of $30 per ticket for the new reservation. I do not understand this! This was a mistake on their part, not mine! We were already at the top of what we could pay for our tickets and that was stretching itself with that. Now I do not know what we will do. Our trip to Disney World is not longer oh so happy.

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