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According to Paypal, Mike Kluegl is‘s manager/contact person. I filed a claim with Paypal against because I have not received either a refund or exchange for a gold chain that I returned to them almost 2 months ago. Despite providing ample evidence of my return (i.e., USPS delivery confirmation and a copy of a cancelled check that accompanied my return because I initially wanted an exchange for a more expensive chain) Paypal has closed my claim stating that they cannot authorize a refund to me for returning merchandise to the seller! nOther consumers have been victims of Mike Kluegl/’s return/refund scam. Based on the reports listed here, he has made more than $500 in the past 2 months from this scam. nSpecifically, if you return merchandise to, you will get nothing back, and you will get no response from Mike. The scam works because Paypal will not protect you nor will many credit cards (e.g., my credit card doesn’t allow chargeback claims for purchases made from sellers who are more than 100 miles from your residence). nIf you are a victim of Mike Kluegl’s ( refund scam, PLEASE take the time to file a report with (1) the NJ Attorney General Office (, (2) the NJ BBB (, and (3) the Federal Trade Commission ( nMy next step is to look into taking Mike Kluegl to court. nKathleennMishawaka, IndianaU.S.A. Cliffwood, New Jersey U.S.A.


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