Prime Auto Sales Review


This place belongs to a mab by the name of Joe and he sales cars to people at ripoff prices wurh 17% interest rates or more and that’s not the worse thing. Tgis guy doesn’t ssle his cars in the best if shape either! They are all lemons. An example is tge 2005 dodge durango that he sold me was on the recall list and he never told me. Then he sold me a 2006 Cadillac Escalade ESV Platinum pearl white for 25,000 dollars and it needed front end work and he said all it needed was a wheel alignment. I was recently in an accident of the escalade Friday July 07, 2017 while paying for my fas to put into the escalade I went out to start pumping the gas and after putting the pump back and closing the tank up I got into my car and I started the ignition then smoke came forth out of the hood, then a big fire started underneath the hood and before I knew it my truck was in fire. It burned up along with some valuable papers I had in it and the warranty would not cover me even though my contract says the engine is covered. | Then when I told prime time they said a 2002 Cadillac Deville DHS was all I could get and plus the bank would sue me if I didn’t pay the balance if the old car off. no sympathy from either one and so I signed so I wouldn’t be sued and Joe tried to trick me into buying a the deville and it turns out the shop my mechanic and others said those cars had issues with water pumps air pumps and recently a cracked head gasket which he found out today Wednesday July 12th 2017, and now he is dodging my phone calls not taking responsibility again. Don’t buy any cars from this guy leave him alone trust me. He’s a lier thuef and scammer. He will make it seem like he is ypur friend snd that he did a lot for you but none of it is true. STAY AWAY FROM PRIME-TIME AUTO SALES.


  • Name: Prime Auto Sales
  • Country: United States
  • State: New York
  • City: Schenectady
  • Address: 1857 State St
  • Phone: 518-377-0046
  • Website:

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