Prime Evergreens Eighty Four Pennsylvania Review


I ordered 12 Arborvitae 5-6ft Emerald trees online from Prime Evergreens. The trees were delivered on 7/8/15 at a total cost of $1,020.00. The trees came with a warranty specifying replacement at 1/2 of the original cost of $85/tree for one year (even though their website states no guarantees we were told that we had the 1/2 price replacement on our trees). Within one month one tree died and I contacted the company for a refund. After several phone calls and emails, I finally received a voice mail message reply on my landline on 10/12/15 from Terri (this is the same person who took the original order and gave us the replacement warranty). After explaining that a tree had died, Terri stated that she would mail a check for $42.50 right away and apologized for the delayed response. (Also, please note that the invoice we received lists the company name as “Evergreen Experts


no address is listed

the phone # is 216-370-8661 and they have my last name listed incorrectly). After several additional attempts at reaching Terri

or anyone at the company

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