Prime Therapeutics Complaint


By mistake my health plan was changed to a Blue Plus plan which took me away from my normal health providers. I was able to get changed back but not until the next month. I went to pick up my auto refill insulin and was told denied need a prior Auth done. Which would take time insulin is something I need to live and not something that can wait until I go back to prior good plan. spent time with many calls saying what was I do what insulin could I take they would not answer me. The other plan was great if a person was new to plan and needed a prior auth you were given 2 months and the needed med was covered. The people that speak with you have no medical training no understanding that INSULIN is a life saving drug. had to research on my own write down what was covered and go to urgent care where the doctor was willing to write a script to keep out of danger for a few weeks until I am back to my old plan. Their website lies says that cost is not a factor in what drugs are covered. This leaves a bitter taste in my mouth.

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