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I made a purchase from for a set of necklaces/earrings to add to my online store I am working on. When I received the product it was wrong they sent bracelets. So I tried getting in touch with them through them ”online chat” feature. needless to say that thing was ALWAYS off line no matter what time of day. Once I contacted them I explained the situation etc. They let me know they needed my order number since they could not ”find” them. All I could find was the tracking number and gave it to them. Then they told me no they needed the order number which was in a discarded envelope finally I gave it to them to try to work something out. And they let me know I was asked out because it had been longer than three days since I received the item to do anything about it when first…this was delivered to a ups store po box and if they checked their records correctly would have known i JUST picked it up and signed for the package. As soon as I found out they ripped me off BIG TIME I got in contact with them asap the hold up was from their end of the line from not being able to ”find” my order magically even though they had ALL the information they needed. They took their time and in the end told me I was screwed over that they OVER charged me for an item I NEVER wanted or intended to pay that much for and said that was it. So shady and wrong to mislead customers when its clear they screwed up. Even on their form that they sent it says ”necklace earrings” and they sent a bracelet. I really wish they would just fix it and stop being rip offs about the entire ordeal!

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