Complaint: I BOUGHT a PREPAID CARD SYSTEM for U$30,000.00 AND I NEVER RECEIVE THE SERVICE AND THE Payments Softwares . I talked with MIKE and he said also you can make $8.00 per cardholder and when I Called the bank they SAID this is NOT true , you can’t make U$8.00 / month per cardholder . So, I spend $30,000.00 for a S* System and when ask for a REFUND they SAID ” I’M SORRY BUT YOU CAN’T RECEIVE YOUR REFUND AND YOU NEED TO WAIT 90 DAYS “” How can you offer a PREPAID CARD SYSTEM if you are not a BANK or a FINANCIAL COMPANY? Really I’m a little Stupid becase I trust in this company . Please don’t sent any money to PRINETA CARD is a FRAUD / SCAM / SCAMMER and a CROOK company.”

Tags: Internet Services

Address: Internet USA


Phone: 800-951-9533

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