Priscilla Seelye Review


On Facebook there was an ad to be a secret shopper. So I sent my information and received my first mission. This included a $1450.00 check that I was to cash, spend $20 at walmart and report my experience and then send $600 money order to one address and $600 to another address. I looked up the addresses and they were sketchy looking houses that they are going to. I have not done anything. I can fax the documentation. There are three emails I’m to give results. [email protected], [email protected] and [email protected] You can google map addresses where I was to send $600.Donald Lee Bullock Jr. Larry Jarrod Bridges6845 Brewster Dr, 611 E. Waldburg StColumbas GA 31904 Savannah GA 31401.The $1,450 Check had endorsement by Ray M Whitehead, Remitter of John Bonnes. The Package was sent by Priscilla Seelye and the letter was Signed by Walter H Anderson.

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