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We own a small rental house in Dayton, Ohio to help with income as wife is disabled. Wanted to collateralize the house to buy another rental to stabilize income. 1) Husband became ill & was hospitalized last winter. Kyle Fraser who works for them constantly called, emailed, and texted while was attending to very ill husband – even when I told him I was in the ER with him. He constantly pressured to move ahead with the loan. They represent themselves to be a CHRISTIAN ORGANIZATION THERE TO HELP PEOPLE. HAH! 2)Appraisals were done on both houses. From market then and market now, it certainly seems like the appraisals overstated the values of the houses. 3) The fees applied to the loan process were excessive, even by hard money standards. 4)When payments set up, was asked if could process payments online or by phone to lessen stres of pain from disabilities. Was told that was not possible by Cassandra Stringer of Cogo Capital. This became a great hardship esp during winter months as had to go to mail payments when in great pain. This resulted in some EXORBITANT late fees as husband still ill & wife in great pain. No assistance from servicing dept. Mailed payments in plenty of time to get there, but somehow seemed late even when other items mailed at same time to west coast made it days earlier. 5) Had a bad tenant who had to have evicted at great cost. Was unable to pay payment & exorbitant fees. Asked them to wait for my property manager to clean up after tenants and let him get a new tenant in so can pay the loan. I’ve been threatened and harassed by phone although had asked them to email because of jaw/facial pain & surgery unable to talk well and without pain. 6) Refer to 2. Attempted to sell the house without tenant and was told could get only about 1/4 to 1/3 of what their appraisal said. Been totally unsatisfactory in the way it was handled and in treatment. Tried contacting Mr. Arnold the Christian and got no response whatsoever. .

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