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Complaint: I know that this site deals with mostly ‘complete’ cars but I would like to share my experience with a parts provider. PROFormance out of Springfield, MO. makes rebuilt engines, which are available at Auto Zone and other retail outlets, has treated this consumer very badly. I recently purchase and installed one of their ‘freshly rebuilt’ motors. Before the new motor even reach 200 miles the rear main seal began leaking oil at about a quarter quart per day. Now the rear seal is a component that they install and is very difficult to replace because of all the time and work involved in gaining access to this problem area. So I called the warranty department and they informed me that they will only cover an ASE certified mechanic that works for $40 an hour. The mechanic that helped me install this motor works for $72 dollars an hour and no one certified in my area works for less than $60 an hour. I informed the company about this and they didn’t care one bit. This makes me wonder who do they got putting these motors together? I want someone working on the motor who knows what their doing and will back it up not some shade tree mechanic that that’s looking to make a quick buck. The real problem here is the policy makers who think that one flat labor rate is valid all over the country. Springfield, Mo. happens to be located in one of the lowest cost of living areas in the country. I know I used to live down there. Now up North here the cost of living is much greater therefore people have to make more to live a decent life. I wonder what people in NY or California have to do considering their cost of living is thru the roof? PROFormance has giving me a faulty motor and poor customer service. I suggest to all consumer never buy any product from this company. I have more dirt on them than just this. Forward this email to anyone and email me back letting me know any responses or for more info. Lets not put up with poor products and poor service because PROFormance is both. Paul South Bend, IndianaU.S.A.

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Address: 2720 N. Airport Commerce Ave. Springfield, Missouri U.S.A.



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