Progressive Auto Relocation Review


I decided to use Progressive Auto Relocation, Inc. because they gave me the lowest quote. After confirming with my “Senior Transport Specialist” that the cost to me would be $1100 total, I rejected the barrage of emails and phone calls from the other transport companies. 4 days before the vehicle was to be picked up, I was informed that the price was going to be $1300 since the vehicle was large. Keep in mind, Progressive was given the make, model and year well in advance and if they were competent, they could have figured this out ahead of time. Nervous that I wouldn’t be able to make other arrangements in time, I went ahead with the transaction. The icing on the cake, was when I contacted the owner of Progressive, politely asking if he would consider reimbursing me for the extra $200. After giving me attitude, insulting me, and immediately dismissing my request, I asked him if he really felt that $200 was worth turning off a potential return customer and getting a negative review. His response was, “Go f*** yourself” and hung up. Later in the day after I left a review of my experience, the owner called me on my cell phone and exclaimed, “I looked up your business, you f***ing faggot!!!”, I immediately hung up realizing there was no talking to this lunatic. As if it couldn’t get any worse, they won’t refund the $100 deposit I paid them, even though I was assured at the time of the transaction that they would. I highly recommend not using this company as there are many more out there to choose from…just do your homework first. My opinion is that Progressive is either a “bait and switch” business, has an incompetent staff, or both. What I’m sure of, is that they have an extremely unprofessional, offensive and unbalanced owner.

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