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I was looking at the Property Management Inc. franchise opportunity, and Item 3 of the FDD lists a bankruptcy by President Steven Hart. The bankruptcy filing is a public record on the PACER website, so I looked it up online. Among his creditors was the Small Business Administration, which gave him a $49,000 loan. The taxpayers apparently will not get their money back. He also apparently defaulted on a $2.7 million “development loan”. Here’s the curious thing, though. At the time of his bankruptcy filing, Steven Hart claims he only received $207.47 per month as his salary for being President of Property Management Inc. But just two months later when trying to reaffirm the loan on his Cadillac Escalade, he claims his household income had increased by more than $7,000 per month because “my company is doing better now so I am now taking a larger income.” Property Management Inc. is supposedly doing better a mere two months after the filing of the bankruptcy, but at the time of the bankruptcy, Steven Hart listed the worth of his share of Property Management Inc. as zero. That’s right, $0.00. I don’t believe that a company that can produce such a large amount of money each month just two months after a bankruptcy was filed was worth nothing. I’m sure the SBA and the other creditors would have liked to have seized his share of the company and resold it in order to get some of their money back. Maybe the SBA will re-open the bankruptcy case based on this and be able to seize the company anyway. And this is a person and a company that wants to sell me a property management franchise? .

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