proplrs products windows Manchester Connecticut Review


I had peoples products windows installed in my condo in 2008 for the sum of 12,000.00 for 12 windows . since then i have replaced a number of windows becuse the gas between the windows failed . they did replace them free but i had to pay 75.00 instalation fee. now again i have 2 more windows that failed . this is getting to expencive for me to pay 75.00 every time a window fails . at the price i payed for these windows i feel they should not fail for no reason,I AM SICK THAT I SPENT THIS MUCH. i have neightbors that bought cheap 150.00 windows and they never failed or needed any replaced i really belive now that i have been riped off and should get some kind of rebate

252 hartford Ave newington CT , 06111 newington, Connecticut USA


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