ProTech Glass & Paint, Inc. Orlando Florida Review


I’m writing this review to spare you the heartache and grief I experienced after hiring this company. To be brief: n1) I ordered a frameless custom shower door – they showed up 3 hours late to the initial measuring. They ordered the wrong size door 2 times, but finally got it right on the third try and 4 weeks later. n2) I ordered custom glass shelves for my cabinets and my bar. Owner disappeared for weeks and would not return my calls, voicemails, or texts. Shelves arrived 3 weeks after initial quoted installation. Owner installed glass shelves onto miniature pins that were purchased from Home Depot, unsafe, unstable, and completely the wrong bracket to use on glass. Additionally, the glass shelves were measured incorrectly and do not fit properly. nProTech apparently saved my credit card information from the previous purchase of the shower door a month prior and then CHARGED MY CREDIT CARD WITHOUT MY PERMISSION OR KNOWLEDGE for the new work, which I never signed for, never received an estimate for or work order – I consider this to be THEFT! Stay Away, spend the extra money and hire real professionals to get the job done right the first time. I promise, the savings is not worth the agony or the pain.

1249 South Volusia Avenue Orange City, Florida United States of America


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