Protech Solutions Review


I bought the Protech solutions software to keep hacker from getting into my computer on 3/7/18. On 7/6/18 I got a call from Protech solutions saying that the software quit working and they wanted to refund my money back. They asked me for the last four numbers of my checking account to deposit the refund so I gave them the four numbers. They then said they deposited the money into my account. They then called me back and said they had deposited 8000.00 dollars more than they should have. The guy I was talking to who said his name was Jerry gave me the sobbing story that if he didn’t get the money back into the account he would lose his job. So then he asked me if I could go get gift cards at Target and put as much money as I could on them. So I went to target and put the money on the cards. He then called me back as asked for the numbers on the back of the cards. Luckly the bank I go to only let me get 2000.00 dollars out otherwise I would be out 8000.00 dollars. What they did is somehow they transferred 8162.99 from my savinging to checking and they made sound that it was from the company. They said they would call me back in the morning and they wanted me to call the bank to get they money. I told them that they owed me back the 2000.00 because they had gotten into my account and transferred the money from one account to another. A few minutes later he called back this was on 7/7/18 and wanted my debit card number to redeposit the 2000.00 and I told him no I would not give him the numbers and that they could send me a check. So he hung up and hasn’t called me again. I filed a police report and closed my accounts.

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