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I signed a 3 year contract so I thought. Iíve had them for over 5 years now.Iím paying over $30.00 a month which included the insurance plan. So I have a problem with 2 parts in my system and go online to speak with them, and was told that parts are not included with the insurance. They could bill me for the part and send it to me. Iíve wasted hundreds of dollars on the insurance. I call the call center and was lied to again, until I get the supervisor who told me that the other two ladies were incorrect. Now she says they can send me the part and they have changed their policy again a couple of months ago to include the main system battery. Of course us customers never get anything in writing when they change their policies. Must be nice, that they donít have to inform us of changes. She tried to give me the run around thinking I was stupid. Now I want to cancel my service and itís like pulling teeth. They asked me did I read the SMALL PRINT that says Iím still under a contract. That I only have a small window to cancel my contract when it renews each year. I hope the rest of you read this. She also told me that she would review my contract and maybe even come out after I cancel and rip the system out. WOW!! Stay far, far away from Protection one and read the small print. Email me at [protected] if you have any questions. Thank God for Lawyers!

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