Providian Credit Card California Review


I have gotten two phone calls from this 214-504-2986. (Global Communications is what they answered as NOTE: everyone who answers the phone is a supervisor so don’t bother asking for one, they put you on hold and then the same person comes on the line like your are deaf and cannot hear it is the same person.) They are leaving messages for my husband saying that he has a fraudulant check/bank debt that they are collecitng on and that if he did not call back by end of day they would be going a legal route to collect. I am seeing, after researching this on the Internet, that this is becoming more and more common with this specific credit card and it seems they may actually have a law firm detaching wages and/or leining bank accounts. I would like to list some of my findings on what to do and someone who may be able to help if you are getting the same phone calls. 1. ANY collection agency no matter when THEY bought the account (paid or not paid) cannot collect on a debt that is 3 years old or older. (This will vary by state but the max that I have seen is 6 years) So check your states stature of limitations to collect a debt. 2. It is slanderous to call a persons work to collect a debt unless on the debt references where listed and one of them was your work. IF they do call to collect a debt at your work you would have to write them and inform them to no longer do that but it has to be in writing and certified mail to them with signature request. (PS you cannot send these to PO BOX addresses they know this and will try to give you one anyhow, ask for a physical address) IN this case though if the debt is older than the statue of limitations do not even entertain them with a response. 3. When they are trying to collect on a debt (even that old) you need to get their address and write a letter asking for proof of debt. This is your right and they have 30 days to responde to your request. THEY CANNOT GARNISH – LEIN BANK ACCTS while you are waiting for this informaiton. CERT MAIL this as well. IF they don’t answer and then try to detach wages or bank accounts then you can sue them for not following collection protocol. 4. IF it has gotten as far as them detaching wages and you cannot afford what they are taking you do not call the law firm that is sueing (for obvious reasons they are not going to try and help you. Remember they only get paid if YOU pay!) you go down to your local sherrif or courthouse and file an “Exemption to Reduce a Wage Garnishment.”” This sheet will ask what all your bills are and what you feel you can afford. They cost around 8 to 10 bucks to file and they very rarely get denied. You WILL have to provide proof of each debt to get the payment lowered. 5. Here is a link to the basic federal and some state laws in how they calculate what can be garnished: (I am in Cali so that is what it would reflect but there is GOV standard laws as well in this link) 6. NOW

after handling all of this information; getting nowhere at all

which is where I am at the moment then you HAVE to find a lawer that will take this case BEFORE they really do detach your wages or pilfer from your bank account. (Which by the way you just need to close the account and start banking from your house! they can’t detach them then lol!) I have in the past hire a wonderful attorney. I am checking right now to see if she takes these kinds of cases and seeing if her firm would be interested in a Class Action Lawsuit. This would help those that have already been robbed of their money and paid toward this to get a settlement to recover some of the money they took. I will keep you posted on her answer and then post her information here for you all to contact her! As my last and final help to all out there in general the very best way to handle any debt collection is through knowledge. FOLLOW the guidelines of the law

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