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Posted on Yahoo. Local September 25, 2008nOk my air stops working due to lack of service. I call these guys and they send out a tech that has twenty-two years experience. They come out and tell me they need to clean the system due to lack of service. They clean the unit and replace the filter; the charge is nearly two-hundred dollars. I didn’t mind the charge even though they charged me seventy-five dollars for a can of chemical cleaning spray. nA couple of days later the air air conditioner stops working. I give them a call. It’s Saturday morning. They reluctantly show up a couple hours later. After the tech checks the unit he tells me that it is partially his fault that he failed to check the valves on his first visit and they were leaking. nAfter all is said and done he hands me a bill for nearly a hundred dollars.nWhat would you do? Or does it get better? nA couple of days later the owner calls me and apologizes the his technician’s behavior. I considered that as an act of professionalism, until the following day the unit stops cooling. I call Monday morning they tell me they can have a tech out Tuesday. Guess who shows up? That’s right the same twenty-two year veteran. Now he’s telling me he didn’t think he did not clean the unit thoroughly. nA few minutes later he comes back and tells me he’s got it figured out, a bad relay. So much for service. He again presents me with another bill for nearly a hundred dollars to replace the relay. (Probably a twenty dollar part) I promptly pay the bill and they leave. When I go into the attic to inspect the area I can see they left it in a mess! nIt is not my intention to defame these guys but you might think twice before calling this company. nAugust 11, 2009nSo as the months and days go by and the weather begins to get warmer we begin to notice a large and sudden increase in power consumption. nIn May the bill went from an average of one hundred dollars the previous year to two hundred dollars this year and increase of fifty percent from the previous month. In June from one-hundred fifty to four-hundred dollars. In July it doubled again to nearly eight hundred dollars. Now that was the straw that broke the camel’s back! nWe contacted Georgia power, they checked their equipment. Unable to find any problem we called a heating and air-conditioning company as recommended by Georgia Power. After the technician checked the system for about an hour he had determined that whoever installed the relay had connected one of the heat strips to the blower motor so that whenever the fan came on it would also power one of the heat strips resulting in increased power consumption especially as it got warmer and the attic space became much hotter using more power and cooling less. nI contacted Dennis Pruitt the owner and left a message for a call back on two occasions. On August 11, 2009 the third call I spoke to Mr. Pruitt. nWhat he insinuated was since they serviced the unit anyone could have went into the attic and wired the unit incorrectly. Duh! nI close with this, that any qualified technician would have checked to make sure the unit was working properly (heating and cooling) and from this man’s own mouth stated that maybe his tech that he sent out on three occasions intentionally wired the unit incorrectly as a form of retaliation. You be the Judge! nMr. Speedynsugar hill, GeorgiaU.S.A.

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