Psychic Cynthia Ely Love Specialist Review


I paid $209 to Cynthia Ely who claims to live in New Jersey and is supposedly a psychic. She has 2 instagram accounts: @psychic.cynthia and also @psychic_love_expertt. She claimed the my chakras were out of balance and that I needed to be cleansed. She said she would need $209 to do the cleaning as well as buy supplied and that if I did not see results within a week she would refund my money. Well a week has not passed yet and she is already asking me for more money because she claims to need additional candles and stones to restore my balance. She was asking for $225 more dollars. I declined to put up any more money and her true colors came out. Cynthia refused to give me my money back even though the agreement was that if there were no changes I would get a refund. Her chasequick pay email is [email protected]

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