Psychic Readings By Janelle Review


I spoke with Janelle in May of 2016. Janelle did a reading for me and told me that I had been born with some darkness from my family she would have to rid this inorder for me to be with my soulmate. The cost was to be $1200.00 which Janell was paid. | After this was done Janell called said that was done but he had to be cleared now in order for us to be together it was to be $1600.00. I told her I did not have that much and why more. Janell said this has to be done. I finally got together $600.00 that I did send to Janelle as she said she would take payments and just work slowly as the money came in. | Then in Sept 2016 I get a call from Janelle telling me that she is just not sure but some of the problem she believed was that I had something from my exhusband and it had to be gone. I told her my house was really all I had from my ex that meant anything to me. Janelle said no you must have some jewelry. | I told Janelle really did not have any jewerly that meant anything to me from my exhusband. Janelle said you need to look and find this jewerly and place it into an enevelope and mail it to be I will have to do some work on it. I ask Janelle then what happens to my jewerly her answer was I have to place it into the earth were it will stay. | I told Janelle why her answer was I told you this might happen. I was never told by Janelle at any point and time ever about me sending her money and my jewerly. | Janelle called me in Sept 2016 to see when i was sending money and jewerly. I had a very bad day that day and I told her I do not see that you have done anything for me but take money and want more money and my jewerly. Janelle then hung up and never called me again. | I was sitting here this evening the 24th of Oct 2016 and for some strange reason I went to her website at the time I was using her it was Voodoo well it is gone no longer in use. | Janelle does have a website with same phone number now called. Psychic Readings By | Do Not Use her Janelle may have a soft kind voice but she will take from you and you get nothing for it.


  • Name: Psychic Readings By Janelle
  • Country: United States
  • State: Texas
  • City: Houston
  • Address: 2130 Richmond Ave
  • Phone: 832-208-0378
  • Website:

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